Sunshine In A Bottle


It’s day 18 of my elimination diet.

I must say that I’m getting quite the hang of it. I’ve been eating extremely healthy for the most part and haven’t been missing the desserts…too much. Though I have been drooling all over the cookie and doughnut recipes on tastespotting. And maybe also whining to my boyfriend every now and then about how much I   just   want   a   cookie.

I’ve been experimenting quite a bit in the kitchen, coming up with a few gluten free, vegan, low sugar, and surprisingly delicious recipes. I can’t say that all of them worked, such as the disgusting spongey, pasty, gluten free lemon muffins I have sitting in the freezer. But for the most part, the recipes turned out pretty great.


For the past few weeks I have been starting my morning with a mug of hot lemon water and just recently I have also started taking a shot of noni juice prior to that. Noni juice is apparently this cure all supplement made from hawaiian volcanic berries or something like that. I don’t really know, I just read some stuff about how it’s supposed to help with eczema and inflammation and the sort. All I really know is that it kind of tastes like cheese and..sour stuff. These two things in the morning are supposed to help my body detoxify and strengthen my immune system. To add upon that I have been juicing regularly, which should also help my body release any toxins that it has built up from all the sugar I’ve been inhaling over the past few years!


Today I made a nice orange coloured fruit and vegetable juice. This one is quite sweet and probably a great juice for anyone new to juicing. The ginger adds a nice kick to it and the pineapple gives it a great tropical/summer quality. Which I definitely need right now in this dreary winter cold.


Sunshine Juice
Makes about 16oz, enough for 1 large or 2 small juices

Make sure to wash all produce well and peel any non organic fruits or vegetables.

4 medium carrots
2 medium leaves of dinosaur/lacinato/black kale
1 cup of diced pineapple
half an apple (I used a pink lady)
half a lemon, peel on if organic
a small piece of ginger, about 1 cm thick and 2 cm wide

Run everything through a juicer, starting with the kale and ginger. Serve over ice immediately.

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